SURRENDER Observatory, Cape Town This body of work reflects a year of letting go of expectations, giving in to self-imposed fears and reducing my emotions to their truest expression. She is detached from all things That is why she is one with them Because she has let go of herself She is perfectly fulfilled - Lao Tzu Filmmaker: David Radosz _____ Sunali Narshai (b.1989 Durban, South Africa) currently lives in Cape Town. She started as an animator after graduating, working independently on documentary films. In 2017 she was nominated for the PPC Imaginarium Awards and received a grant for the short film Laundry Man. In 2018 she moved towards a multi-disciplinary art context culminating in her solo show, Surrender. In 2019 she did an ad hoc residency in Helsinki, Finland which resulted in Muti, her first international show.