I've been trying to learn some SEO myself so I don't get completely bamboozled, but man oh man is it very hard to know how to approach my particular brand's SEO. Right now all our sales come from influencer programs (we hit $600k a month for July on our online store). I started up ads about 2-3 months ago and they're crushing it, increasing our sales further, which made me realize it's time to get serious about SEO. Our SEO is awful. Like I mean, none of our traffic comes from that. It all comes from linkbacks (people saying our product rocks) or brand recognition. However... pretty much everywhere I turn seems like a scam. A lot of these firms also don't understand a niche product. Like for example, to be vague, say my product is a plant shop that's friendly for millennial (It's nothing like that, I just love plants so that came to mind). I wouldn't want to advertise green plants, or target plant names. I would want to target searches and SEO for like 'pet friendly plants' or 'low light apartment plants'--stuff that's approachable and niche and hits my target demo (30 somethings in tiny apartments who want green), but still gets searches. ​ Whenever I approach firms though, they basically pitch me some crazy $10-15k a month SEO plan to take over the world that's broad and never niche. They would tell me I need to become the best plant delivery, and it'll just cost me $150k a year, and we can pay it monthly. It feels overwhelming and I'm skeptical. I think it's because they don't get our product, which is complex and hard to get if you aren't in our particular subset. Yet our subset does billions a year on the market and is becoming more and more mainstream, it's a trend at the moment. ​ I want to find my SEO god or goddess, or find a firm that basically speaks to me. Any ideas how to do it? I'm aware I'm probably gonna get people who try to scam me here, but I'm doing a hail mary on the off chance anyone wants to chat about how they learned SEO or how they found an actual viable plan of approach. Right now it feels so broad and the plans I'm getting are even broader: I don't want to be google's #1 result for my whole market, I simply want to be our result for a certain flavor combination that gets like 30k searches a day. ​ I'm a VP of marketing for a tiny team of under 6 right now, and like I said, our online sales are only growing and we're also national soon. Our brand is doing well...I just have no idea how to take the SEO plunge without losing my mind. Or find an expert who really, well, is an expert.