I've had my blog for around 7 years, but it's mainly been writing for myself and for the fun of it. Then about 6 months ago, I decided to step up my blog into the next gear and make it more professional. I decided to go back into all my old blog posts to update them, and make them more SEO optimised. *Quickly about me:* My blog is a travel blog, which I illustrate with hand-drawn pictures. I have zero knowledge of html or css, and just use the tools Wordpress provides for me. I have about 200 posts up, which I post maybe once a month (due to the complexity of creating illustrations) over the years. I'd like to share what I've done with my posts, and ask if I'm on the right track, and what I may be forgetting. ​ **What I've done so far:** \- Increased the length of old blog posts to at least 1000 words, if they were shorter than that. \- Separated large blocks of text into smaller, easier to read paragraphs. \- Added appropriate headings, and subheadings where needed, containing keywords. \- Changed blog post headings to include keywords and more interesting titles. For example, 'Onsen City' has been changed to 'Beppu - An illustrated guide to Japan's Spa City'. \- Took time to write titles, descriptions and alt tags for all my images (a long, ongoing job), and reducing image size, if possible. \- Re-wrote my first paragraph to make it more catchy, as this is what would appear in a Google search. \- Replied to every one of my new blog post comments. \- Created internal links pointing to other blog posts, about 3-4 links per post. \- Simplified URL slugs to a few key words, so they weren't the Wordpress default (ie. a whole sentence). \- Checked the post on my mobile to see if it is mobile friendly. \- Made my subscribe button easier to find, as well as social media links. \- Created a Pinterest account, and pin regularly every day. \- Started guest posting, and have done about 10 so far. ​ **Here are my questions:** \- I am still learning about SEO jargon. What is a meta tag? Is this the same as my first paragraph? If it's different, where can I edit this? \- I am on a Wordpress premium plan, but not self-hosted. What advantage would it be for me to use something like BlueHost, and if I do, does that mean I no longer use Wordpress? \- Is a premium plan enough, or should I be upgrading to a business plan? \- What plugins are recommended to help me out with my SEO? \- Are a table of contents a good idea, for long posts? ​ Thanks Redditers for your feedback, looking forward to a good discussion.