I ran a survey to find out what you should expect to pay for SEO services and 242 people responded. My goal was to get data-driven answers on five questions: 1. What are the typical hourly rates for SEO services? 2. What are the typical monthly retainer rates for SEO services? 3. What payment models are most common? 4. What SEO services do most offer? 5. What may affect the pricing? (This was more my analysis on the data). The responses provided some solid insights and valuable data, with a 6% margin of error at a 90% confidence level. Additionally, I compared my findings to Credo’s 2015 pricing survey, and Moz’s 2012 pricing survey to help give more context. I also sourced quotes from SEO experts like Marie Haynes, Dan Shure, John Doherty, Bruce Clay, and Andy Crestodina. ## Some highlights from this survey on how much SEO costs: 1. **62% of respondents price their services between $76 and $150 an hour.** 75.6% charge less than $150 per hour. The majority of contractors may be underpricing themselves. Marie Haynes will share why she believes someone good at SEO should charge at least $150 per hour. 2. **24.6% of respondents indicated that they charge between $1,000-2,000/month.** About a third (30.6%) charge less than $1,000/month. But nearly a quarter (23%) surveyed charge $4,000/month or more. 3. **Pricing is challenging to master.** 81% of respondents change their rates based on the service they offer. 4. **The top three most popular services offered** are on-page SEO (82%), keyword research (81.2%), and content creation (76.8%), yet only 2% identify themselves as part of a content agency. 5. **Only 34.4% of those surveyed offer infographic or visual design services.** Perhaps infographics are a dying trend. Or maybe this is an untapped opportunity. There are a lot more insights in the [SEO pricing survey]( If you have any questions, happy to answer what I can in the comments below.