I've been learning a lot of front-end development stuff since I enjoy design work, I'm planning to start learning React, Vue and Angular pretty soon starting with React since that seems to be the most popular as of right now. I've done a few personal projects in the past with a lot of the basic stuff, but feel like I'm finally at a point where I can start finishing up the remaining parts of front-end development and maybe start including some back-end studies and projects. **React seems useful for back-end heavy and dynamic sites.** Having the components and such with the ability for users to enter in their own information and such sounds like a lot of fun and also like it will open a lot more creative freedom when it comes to designing websites / apps and the features that they contain. However, **is React worth it for a static webpage?** This is something I've been caught up on for the past few days, there are times where people just need a webpage that displays information about their company / themselves and nothing more. No blog posts, not search form, no login system etc. Is React worth using in these types of situations or is it not worth the effort? (I feel like effort is a very subjective term but I'll roll with it for now) **React seems very nice for updating and maintaining code.** ↑ This is the main reason I'm asking if this is worth doing / if it is being done already by other website developers. I feel like having the website split into components that can be reloading / changed without the need for a complete webpage refresh is not only user-friendly but makes the code easier to update/maintain in the future. Is this true?