[Hello]( Due to the volume of news, we will be gathering additional news here in this post. *For now*, any new posts should be submitted here, and comments will be sorted by new. We cannot say for certain how quickly/slowly this situation will evolve. For those of you unfamiliar with Kpop, B.I also known as Kim Hanbin, was a rapper and producer/composer signed under YG Entertainment. He participated on the survival show *WIN: Who Is Next?*, has appeared on *Show Me The Money 3* before debuting with iKON as their leader. While he has written the songs for his own group such as last year’s major hit [Love Scenario](, the Korean Music Copyright Association lists more than 50 songs under his name. This includes many hits for his former label mates such as Blackpink’s [Whistle]( and Winner’s [Empty]( He was most recently featured on [Lee Hi’s]( comeback. #June 12, 2019 ##iKON’s B.I was revealed to have attempted to purchase marijuana and LSD in 2016 and was not investigated by police in 2016 when individual “A” who he was purchasing from was arrested and his conversations were revealed. [Discussion post]( [/u/howimetyoufirst translation]( [Dispatch Reports On iKON’s B.I Allegedly Attempting To Purchase Illegal Drugs + Reveals KakaoTalk Messages - Soompi]( ##B.I of iKON announces his departure from the group following drug scandal. [Discussion post]( [B.I.’s instagram]( [ @big_seunghyun's translation]( []( [@balloon_wanted's translation]( []( [@k8indaeyo's translation]( []( [Breaking: B.I Announces Departure From iKON - Soompi]( [B.I Admits He Wanted To Use Drugs, Withdraws From iKON - Koreaboo]( [BREAKING B.I announces his departure from iKON after illegal drug scandal - AKP]( ##B.I will be completely edited out of his variety shows after drug Incident. [B.I Will be completely edited out of his variety shows after Drug Incident - Koreaboo]( ['Laws of the Jungle' & 'Grand Budaguest' confirm B.I will be entirely edited out of broadcasts - AKP]( ##YG confirms B.I.’s departure from iKON and agency. [Discussion post]( [YG Confirms B.I’s Departure From iKON And Agency - Soompi]( [BREAKING B.I announces his departure from iKON after illegal drug scandal]( ##YG’s stocks fell after B.I’s exit. [YG Entertainment stocks fall after B.I's exit due to drug scandal - AKP]( ##Police release statement on possibility of reopening investigation into case involving B.I. [Police Release Statement On Possibility Of Reopening Investigation Into Case Involving B.I - Soompi]( [Discussion thread]( ##YG denies that Yang Hyun Suk attempted to influence “A’s” testimony about B.I. [YG Denies That Yang Hyun Suk Attempted To Influence “A’s” Testimony About B.I - Soompi]( [Discussion thread]( ##People started a petition to keep B.I in iKON. [Discussion post]( [Over 350,000 people sign petition to keep Hanbin (B.I) in iKON - AKP]( ##There was some confusion between BewhY and B.I so he put out a statement that it isn’t him [Famous Rapper Was Falsely Accused Of Using Drugs Due To iKON B.I’s Scanda l -Koreaboo]( [Rapper BewhY clarifies he is not B.I and has never done drugs - AKP]( #June 13, 2019 ##YGE announced iKON will continue as 6 members. [Discussion post]( [YG Entertainment Announces iKON Will Keep Promoting As 6 Members - Koreaboo]( [iKON to carry out their Japanese tour as scheduled with 6 members - AKP]( ##Person “A” had submitted a document to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission about YGE on June 4th. [Discussion post]( [“A” Exposes YG’s Alleged Ties With Police And Involvement In B.I’s Case - Soompi]( ##A Blue House petition (the equivalent to US’s regarding banning YG artists. [Netizens Sign Petition Asking To Ban Activities Of YG Entertainment Artists - Soompi]( ##There is also a petition to the Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission to investigate the 2016 case again. [Public petition submitted against YG Entertainment's alleged interference in B.I's drug investigation - AKP]( [A Public Petition Has Been Filed To Reinvestigate B.I’s Drug Case - Koreaboo]( [Anti-Corruption And Civil Rights Commission May Investigate YG Entertainment And Alleged Ties To The Police - Koreaboo]( ##Person A has been revealed to be Han Seo Hee a former YG Trainee who was involved in the T.O.P marijuana case. [B.I’s Acquaintance “A” Revealed To Be Han Seo Hee-Koreaboo]( [@OhMes translation]([]( [@balloon_wanted translation]( []( ##Police have stated that the reports that Person A is Han Seo Hee "are just rumors from the media" and they cannot say for certain that it is her, and that they "can't reveal who it really is.". [Police Responds To Reports That Han Seo Hee Is Involved iKON B.I’s Drug Scandal-Koreaboo]( ##Allegedly, YHS uses a special tampering method to get some artists to pass drug tests according to statements made through Han Seo Hee's lawyer [Yang Hyun Suk Reportedly Claimed He Uses Special Methods To Prevent His Artists From Testing Positive On Drug Tests-Koreaboo]( ##KBS has reported that YHS is accused of threatening Han Seo Hee over testimony about B.I [KBS Reports Yang Hyun Suk Accused Of Threatening Informant Over Testimony About B.I-Soompi]( [Yang Hyun Suk accused of threatening Han Seo Hee over B.I's drug case-AKP]( ##June 14, 2019 #On MBC's Section TV a lawyer specializing in drug prosecution stated it would be difficult to prosecute B.I [A lawyer says it will be difficult to prosecute B.I on drug charges-AKP]( ___________________ ##[This thread is now closed. Please see the second thread.](