I want to be clear before we start. I am not looking for fantasy ideas. E.g. Uber for X , AirBnB for Y. No , it doesn't work that way. I do personally know 3 founders who tried this stuff and failed. Uber is Uber and AirBnB is AirBnb. No more this for that. Also, ideas such as AI, deep learning, space travel require more research work than near immediate monetization opportunities available for solo entrepreneur. Notes app , timetracker, project management software have tons of tools and app so I am reluctant to try in these areas. AI Personal assistant also have large blockade for monetization. At this point I don't have necessary skillset for building AI bots.

I am looking for ideas like Improvely, ticket search, fashion cloths and marketplace optimization.

I want to know what is your startup idea that could also make money ?

We all have ideas but 90 % of them are fantasies or have near zero market potential.

You might not have time to realize that idea but I do. You could help make world better place. If I like your idea and find potential in it I will build it myself and will compensate you at good amount at my discretion ( one time ).

I also have few of my own ideas but I don't think they have potential to make money much or might not have market potential. Here are few of them.

1. Better search engine than Amazon for retail. 2. Porn search engine ( I don't want to try but there is gigantic piece of money ) 3. CPC advisor for publishers and advertisers

I have background in tech. Right now I work for one of the top 10 tech companies in Bay area. My skill set includes business intelligence, system design and architecture, hadoop ecosystem, new business opportunities and optimization.

Unfortunately I don't have much knowledge of finance but I think over time I will do fine as I am starting from zero.

Please let me know your ideas.