what is competitor website analysis and what are benefits and advantages to analyze and review your competitor website how to defeat your competitor rank how it is helpful to improve your SEO by conducting onsite SEO audit of your competitive website? try following competitor website analysis tools, SERPstat: SEMrush: read the blog post/text article, competitor website analysis: actually competitor website analysis is a part of SEO and it helps to improve your SEO in relation to your competitor website site, when you analyze and review your competitor websites and collect SEO related stuff and data of your competitor website and include all these things to your website it will help your website to rank better sometimes equal or some times even higher to your competitive website. there are few things you can find just y visiting your competitor website and for some other more advanced and in-depth things you need to use competitor website analysis tools and those competitor website analysis tools provide you all required kind of SEO information of your competitor website. basically, these tools help you to find you your competitor top keyword for them it is rank and as well as your competitor top pages for them your competitor website is getting visitors and number of backlinks and referring domains of your competitor website, it is also helpful to find the competitors of your competitive website those are actually your competitors as well so you have the chance to analyze them a defeat them as well. you can improve the viewing experience of your visitors by just visiting your competitor's websites and because you will get many great things it will help to improve the engagement rate of your website and even improve the conversion rate. following are the things you need to notice while analyzing your competitor top keywords of your competitor, top pages of your competitor, backlinks of your competitor website, referring domains of your competitor website as well as it provides you the the list of competitors of your competitive website. now how do you improve SEO of your website using this information you can apply your competitor keywords to your website and blog to make your website more keywords rich, which improve the ability of your website to get more organic impressions and previews under more keywords and you get more chances to get more visitors to your site. but it is only helpful to get impression and previews in search results but how can you make better ranking using competitor website analysis these are backlink those tell the search engine that which website is better to rank higher and on the top of search results . find referring domain of your competitor and make backlinks on even more websites then your competitor and when you get more referring domains then check the number of backlinks your competitor have and make more backlinks on these referring domain s, if it is not possible to create backlinks on same domains try to create backlink on the website those have more domain authority and page authority then your competitor referring domains it will increase your website ranking in days. by analyzing your competitor top pages you will get more ideas to create more new content and articles the and similar way you can the ake better article and better backlinks on that article this will help you to drive more traffic and more customers. same things you can do the list of competitors of your competitor website these are also your competitors so you can also analyze them and find information of them to optimize your website. you can get the whole information about your competitor by using different tools out there. for example AHREFS, SPYfu, similar web, Moz SEO tool, SEMrush, SERPstat, and many other tools. I suggest you suing SEMrush and SERPstat these are easy to use and have a longer period of trial usage even SERPstat give you unlimited trial period and you can use them to get maximum information of your competitor, you can examine the URL of your competitor website also you can conduct the on-page SEO audit of your competitor, SEMrush has more quality features and provides information more in-depth way you can get more detailed information and more comprehensive reports so it provides you the opportunities to analyze and review your competitor causes of rank. but is cost little higher then SERP stat the only reason is behind that it provides in-depth results . so if you want quality information you should definitely go to SEMrush. but if you do not want to spend more money and want a good information in lower rates you need to pickup SERPstat it provides you enough information to rank higher then your competitor but low in number then SEMrush it is the best.