It is a bad time for the truth. Despite us seemingly having more access to information than ever before, it’s getting harder to hear all the different sides of the story. The media has to be fast and this makes it very hard to check the news. They are also in big business groups with their own interest in mind. And we are getting our news from search engines and social networks, with algorithms created to display what we supposedly want to hear. Eitb, the Basque Autonomous Community’s public broadcast service, believes that if lies have increasingly more tools, then the truth has to have them too. That’s why Xavi’s Lab created Yournalist, an original idea of the agency The Cyranos McCann. Yournalist is the first app that checks in real time the millions of stories on one news item and gives you the 6 most widely different angles of coverage. Without any ideological bias. It starts like Shazam. When somebody is talking about a topic Yournalist captures it real time and sends it to Watson, a deep learning algorithm which selects the keywords to find just the news that matches yours. It then searches the millions of media that are talking about it and analyses them in Watson again, but to do exactly the opposite for what it was designed: to find the differences instead of the similarities and give you the 6 most widely-differing points of view. --- Credits Client: EITB Agency: The Cyranos / McCann Creative Director: Joaquin Espagnol Production Manager: Alba Riart Agency Producer: Patrícia Franquesa Ruiz Glassworks Team Director / Head of Technology: Xavi Tribó Executive Producer: Joan Amat --- Awards Cannes Lions (Cannes, 2017): - Cannes Innovation - Creative Data - A03 Data Drien Consumer Product (Bronze) - Cannes Innovation - Creative Data - A07 Use of Real Time Data (Bronze) - Cannes Lions - Product Design - B04 Integration of Technology in Daily Life (Bronze) - Cannes Lions - Direct - A07 Media & Publication (Bronze) - Cannes Lions - Promo and Activation - A07 Media & Publication (Bronze) Clio Awards (USA, 2017): - Digital Mobile - Product Service - Branded Content (Bronze) - Digital Mobile – Product Service - Branded Entertainment (Bronze) - Digital Mobile – Product Service - Direct (Bronze) - Other - Product Service - Product Design (Bronze) Eurobest (United Kingdom, 2017): - Creative Data (Gold) - Direct (Silver) - Promo & Activation (Silver)