I am hiring a web designer/developer to design a website and create it. The website will be a basic professional services page with a home page, practice area pages, and professional profile pages. My industry is very competitive for SEO and I would like to have a finished product that checks all of the boxes for a compliant, fast page. I think we are spending money in the right place as we have invested substantial amounts into page content and now have a wealth of high quality information to share with potential clients. We also have good photo content. I want to make sure that we are putting this content on a platform that will help us shine. The site will be based on wordpress. Is there a checklist or deliverables guide for people like me who do not know very much about websites and want to make sure that we are getting a quality website that will perform fast and work as expected for SEO and our potential clients? Also, what deliverables should I expect at the end of the project? ​ For example: Code should be compliant based on X website scanning it; All images should have alt tags; I don't know what else.