I speak really fast; not because I’m nervous, but when I slow down, I forget what I wanted to say next.

I applied to W19 last year and after we found out that we were invited to meet and interview in person, I wanted to do something to be better prepared at the inperson pitch.

I asked a few people if they would listen to me pitch or answer some basic questions like, what are you working on.

I shared the points and content I wanted to cover beforehand.

The feedback was consistent - “slow down, we didn’t understand half the stuff you said”

So I put together a tool that would listen to me as I practiced and it would figure out what I said. I used it to enunciate better (when I didn’t it wouldn’t pick up what I said), get better at pacing my words, and help verbalize content around keywords.

It’s basically a console app, but as I’m gearing up for to apply for S19 - I wanted to see if this would be useful to others.... I’ve slowly started converting it to a web app and have a bit more work to go before it’s usable by others.