After a lot of back and forth I have finally come to a conclusion that make sense (at least) for me. It can be hard to know exactly what points to keep in mind and exactly what matters. However, the title of the product, the description and key features together with well optimized images can either make your listing fly through the roof, or destroy it completely. No matter if you happen to have soruced a very good product that will meet market demands and more. Listing optimization is fundamental in the way that it synergies with "PPC and Ranking in general" - something that all of us sellers today, need to put more emphasis on, in order to stay competitive. This is why I always make sure that a new launch of a product is backed by an optimized listing. This means having a couple of titles in the beginning (ready to be split tested). But also make sure I use up all the space that Amazon allows (character limits). Always include keywords. Benefits of the product. Putting myself in the customers place and try to effectively pinpoint and present all the values. I started selling 1 year ago and listing optimization was never a priority to me in the beginning. But around 6 months ago a tried out a couple of listing services and I always had in mind to copy their way of working. Today I am completely independent in my work, with my product listings. This has helped me to boost my sales with around 40%, give and take. Even if this info is not ground breaking news, I think it deserves to be repeated - "Pay 100% attention to your listings and if not optimized - GET TO WORK!" I am here to answer any questions you may have about my way of working to give back to the community! Thanks and hope you are crushing with your Xmas-sales !