A while ago I did a case study where people could follow along how I tried to launch a product on page #1 When I finished the case study the product had 9 reviews, was ranking on the first page for most of it’s keywords ( but not on rank #1 ), and I was about to increase the price to make a nice little profit! People have been asking me about the product a couple times, and if the product is still ranking on page #1 or if the rankings have declined. So I figured it is time to write a small update on the case study product! For those who did not get a chance to read the case study: [Case Study Part 1]( [Case Study P]([art 2]( [Case Study P]([art 3]( [Case Study P]([art 4]( # How is the product is doing now? ## Reviews The product’s review count has increased all the way up to 28 reviews! Most of them are very positive and we have an average review rating of 4.4 stars I am also 100% sure that most of these reviews come from the follow up campaign I have setup for this product. I get a lot of feedback from customers who reply to these automated emails. Some of the just reply with a short: “Done, left a review”. However, other customers send me complete stories about how they use the product. This is great info for me that I can use to improve or adjust the product in the future. ## Ranking Ranking wise not much has changed. The product is still ranking on page #1 for most of it’s keywords. However, there is still a lot of position to be gained as I am not ranking in the top 3 for a lot of keywords. I hope to see the product rise a bit more when it has some more reviews. ## Profit Now time for the real juicy info! How much profit did I actually make from this product? In total I have sold $15,565 worth of this product. This resulted in a total profit of $2,275. I actually made a loss in the beginning as I was doing a giveaway and selling the products for barely any profit. Then once I started ranking, I was able to increase the price and turn a profit. Right now I am still selling the product for a low price of $18, while most competitors are selling for $20. I am happy to take a lower profit margin right now so I can still increase my sales velocity & review count. Once I improve my rankings even more I will increase my price to $20 as well, and turn this into a nice little cash cow. I consider this very decent product launch. I achieved everything I wanted with this launch and everything went pretty much as expected. The only mistake I made was that I ran out of stock about a month ago. This has definitely cost me some lost sales and decreased my sales velocity. # What to do now? Some people think that once your product ranks on page #1, you don’t have to do any more work and just watch the passive income flow in. This might be true if you are happy with your current rankings & sales. But I want to improve this product even more! I want to rank this product not only on page #1, but I want to get it in the top 3 results for all the keywords. ## New photo’s Now that I know that this product is a success I have decided to invest in some better product photo’s. When I launched I just had the standard product photo’s on a white background. Which works well enough for most sellers. However, like I said I don’t want to be like most sellers, I want to be the #1 seller for this product. So I have ordered my photographer to do a lifestyle shoot with a model & make some infographics about the product. Since none of my competitors have lifestyle photo’s or an infographic, I hope this will make my product stand out even more. ## PPC For me PPC is an ongoing process that I always will be working on. On 1 specific day in the week I will monitor all my PPC campaigns and adjust where necessary. PPC is a very complicated subject, and I won’t go into detail in this post. ## New variations Since I have now validated that his is a good market that I can enter, I am currently in the process of creating 2 separate variations of this product. Luckily I can manufacture these variations with the same supplier as this product. So with my next re-order I will be launching these 2 new products in this exact same market. Again I will be using [Jungle Scout]( to check the product demand. Of course I hope to copy this success and increase my market share this way. [Source with pictures & graphs](