Hey r/blogging! I'm a full time travel blogger, and [this is my travel blog]( I also co-own a travel blogging resource site called [Slaying Social]( I've been blogging for about 2.5 years, and in October I had my highest earning income month ever! I've posted a few of my income reports here before (please let me know if you're getting sick of them)! Here's the breakdown of my stats for October, b/c I think they're important for context. * **Page Views:** 188,118 * **Uniques:** 116,208 * **Sessions:** 141,929 * **Social Media Followers:** 34,965 * **Email Subscribers:** 8,260 My October income stream breakdown: * **Advertising**: $4,472.69 * **Affiliate Income (Excluding Amazon):** $2,519.45 * **Amazon Affiliate Income:** $1,163.98 * **Paid Press/FAM Trips/Sponsored Posts:** $1,800 * **Freelance Writing**: $580 * **Social Media Consulting & Courses:** $51 * **Product Sales**: $115.87 * **Affiliate Link Placement:** $200 * **Grand Total:** **$10,911.39** My blog expenses in October totaled **$1,257.11.** My biggest expenses were Virtual Assistants and travel, although I only took one trip in October and bought only a single plane ticket, so our travel expenses were quite low. The vast majority of my travel blog revenue typically comes in the form of passive income from display ads and affiliate sales. I get this question often and I want to clarify that no, I do NOT earn much income from blogging about blogging. The entirety of my "blogging about blogging" income in October was $51. Our affiliate income is entirely from travel related affiliate sales. I also had some paid brand sponsorships last month on our blog and social media channels. I also got some questions last time I posted about freelance writing which I want to clarify as well. I'm NOT a freelance writer - I only write articles that directly relate to my blog in order to build my portfolio and brand. I've written a handful of articles for major publications and mainstream media, but only when it directly relates to my brand and for a strategic reason related to my blog or my brand partners. Freelance writing allows me to include some impressive sounding bylines in my elevator pitch/media kit, which matters to brand sponsors almost as much as traffic and social media followers. So when I accept a freelance assignment, it's not for the money - I would almost always earn more money posting that content on my own blog - but for some other strategic purpose. For more details about the above and about how I monetize my travel blog you can [read the full income report here.]( Happy to answer any questions about blog monetization or travel blogging specifically!