EDIT: I'm awash with emotion from all of the response this lil' thread's garnered. I'm in awe, humbled, intimidated but probably more than anything else, amazed at the generosity to be found in this community. I thank you all for your input, whether you DM'd me about a window to wash or just to tell me I'm crazy, it means a lot that people care enough to give a poor sap like myself their 2 cents. ​ That said, my tip cup runneth pretty much over at this point, and I've done my best to reply to everyone who's contacted me to not only thank you individually, but to try to begin seeing how I can be of best use to your cause with the time I can offer. ​ Here's the skinny: I'm currently unemployed after moving to a new city where the entry-level positions I worked elsewhere don't seem to exist in quite the abundance. That means a good portion of my day (typically from 6 am to 6 pm) is spent sending resumes and scheduling interviews. My wife's job covers most of the bills and thus she uses the car. That means when I do get an interview, I've got to hop the MARTA (which I rather enjoy, but traveling across the landscape of the greater Atlanta metroplex can be time-intensive). ​ The reason I mentioned my daily process is that by the time the traditional workday is through, I'm pretty beat, but if I want better, I must do better and I believe learning digital marketing will help me achieve my dream: owning and operating something of and for my family that I don't have to go to an office to do. There is no 'catch', no request for financial aid or anything more than what was originally stated—I want to learn to create value so that I may ply trade myself one day. ​ Thanks again to everyone who took a moment to read this, and to reach out with your input. ​ \### ​ I'm just throwing this out there for anyone who runs an agency or profitably freelance—I'll gladly work 100% FREE in exchange for practice and experience working in a live environment. I'll do whatever's needed if you'll take me under your wing and put together the fragmented bits of knowledge I have from Moz, SEL, Ahrefs and other places. I want to learn digital marketing but don't have the money to put into buying URLs, web hosting, native and PPC ads. ​ I can devote upwards of 7 hrs a week (ideally 1-2 hours a day) to active application of SEO/SEM initiatives. I'll mop your digital bathrooms, take out the trash and bring you coffee via the internet with a smile, willingness to learn and near fanatical obsession to doing things the right way so that one day I can set out on my own and create something for myself. I'd like to do local SEO if possible, but the game is the game and I'll do damn near anything to get past scribbling mountains of notes without any means of effectively trying gauging progress.