The main purpose of marketing is to get your message in front of as many people as possible, however, there must be a definite approach that contains super effective practices which inherently evolve continuously to add any new application or tools that increases laser targeted effectiveness to produce the desired results which is the primary objective of marketing. There also must be a definite need for your product/services in the greater market place with the potential to expand in its applicational capacities. The amount of success which can be achieved through aggressive marketing tactics, strategies, and techniques, are often determined by the tools and methodologies selected to execute and manage effective campaigns to get your message to your real prospects. Marketing in itself is continuously evolving into more highly technological platforms that are changing the way companies and individuals’ market, advertise, and sale, their products, services, and information to an even larger potential customer base worldwide, the more effective the tools, the better the quality of the results one should achieve. Simply put, an optimized marketing platform that enables the user to pinpoint on a broad scale, the ability to access tens of thousands of potentially untapped prospects, becomes a very alluring opportunity for both businesses and entrepreneurs a like, notwithstanding the advantage you can obtain vs. the fierce search others are encumbered with searching for the best and most effective method to achieve said results. Introducing ExcelX-Pi