I posted [this]( in /r/marketing and I felt like it should go here too. I have been getting many questions in my message about [this]( post and where to begin with SEO so I wrote this very basic guide. What is SEO? From [Wikipedia]( Search engine optimization is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. * Decide on what keywords you want to work with. You could try describing your product in one word or phrase and that would most likely be what you're trying to work with. If your website is about a specific shoe like flip-flops, you would want to have flip-flops as a main search term. * Decide whether you want people to see the version of your website with www or without www. For example, www.reddit.comvs. by using a **301 [redirect](**. * Sign into [Google Webmaster Tools]( and perform a background check on your domain. You can look at the keywords of Google Webmaster Tools to see if there are any unwanted words there associated with your website. Consider your rank when searching for your domain name in Google search. * Use the **Fetch as Google Bot** tool in Webmaster Tools to see how your website is doing when being crawled by Google. You can 'Submit to Index' in this menu to have it available to searchers even faster. **Do this every time you change something or add a new page** * Define your website's design strategy. Who is your target audience and does your website follow this strategy? Is your website easily accessible and easy to use for your target audience? Better yet, is it easily accessible and easy to everyone who comes across your website? One quick and easy example of making your website look cleaner and easily accesible is instead of saying something like "[Click here]( to read out blog post", you can instead say "Please read our [blog post](". * Implement your conversion. What is the goal you want to accomplish by having customers visit your website? Try to have at least one action in place on each page of your website. For example, on your product's page you can have a "Try it now" or "Buy it now" option. On another page you can have a "Sign up for our newsletter" or "share us on Twitter" option. * Implement your keywords in your website. If your site is about flip-flops then you would try to include the word flip-flops in many places and menus. **Do this naturally and *do not* over-do it**. This will cause your website to look spammy to search engines and to users. * Put the customer's trust in you by having product reviews made public and providing them with information on things such as return policies. * Every page should be unique and have unique titles and descriptions. * Build [backlinks]( by getting your website's link on already trusted websites. This will push your page ranking further towards the top of Google and it is a way to promote your website. You might say to yourself "How do I get a big name website to link to my website like CNN?" but when I mean a big and popular website, I mean websites like social media. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and reddit are already huge and trusted so by accounts for your products on these websites you are already putting yourself on a big website. Also, you can look into forums related to your product or service you are offering and see if you can promote yourself there.