1. Spider - drop 4 to 6 jump jets as the spider is already insanely fast but lacks the heat sinks to make good use of so many jump jets. In center torso add 2 small lasers. Put the rest in armor. The mech now alphas for 90 damage making him very effective at running up close and: vs. vehicles or light mechs with high evasion - melee (ignores up to 4 evasion) 30 punch + follow up 40dmg shot from small lasers. It's a good way to destabilize lights so they lose all evasion. vs. larger mechs, go around them and shoot them in the back with all 4 lasers. Don't forget to use precision shot when you backstab - not only does it highly raise chances of killing strike by focusing damage, but it also decreases initiative of the target on it's next move which helps to set it up for focus fire by the rest of your lance. On my version I left 2 jump-jets to cross sheer cliffs and just in case other lights try to melee him. The build is heat efficient, and quite hardy for a light. In mission to capture the Argo, Decker scored most of the kills - turret, 3 vehicles, 2 lights, one shotted the medium and than took out half the torso on Sibyll's mech, setting her up to be finished off by rest of lance in next phase. Entire lance took zero structure damage on the mission and it was mostly the speed with which this Spider was wrecking everyone that helped with that.