Darius: "Hey, I've got us a contract to destroy a bunch of armored vehicles that our client leased out to some folk who apparently missed some payments" Me: Exactly what type of vehicles were licensed? Darius: Oh I didn't think to ask... Why? Is that important? Are there different types or something? Sorry - I know people always take me for a tough, veteran merc but that's just a stereotype based entirely on my looks. I am actually a cake designer by trade and really have no idea why I even got this job on the ship." Last night: 'Rude Dog' died because of this when my lance had to blindly guess whether to go after the supporting lance of mechs first and risk getting shredded by what could possibly be up to 4 LRM carriers firing at us from a top a hill, or to instead try to storm said hill and rush the vehicles. Turned out that going up the hill was exactly the wrong choice because the exact classes of licensed vehicles that Darius never thought to ask about, were 2 Demolishers, an SRM carrier and a Manticore. *P.S. - also this is one of those annoying small details that erode immersion - if we are getting a contract where the employer knows the exact set of targets - which would include stuff like 'we licensed these specific vehicles' and 'our scout spotted several old mechs' or 'a lance of mercenaries has been troubling us for a long while now', than at least that info should be in contract description because any merc taking the contract would definitely clarify.