Hi all, I wrote yet another trade search tool called Bluemarline. **Website:** []( **Note:** In it's current version, it's not user friendly at all, but it's fully functional. And is ready for Darkshrine! **Screenshot:** []( **Video** Warning: Mostly un-edited video: []( you can count how many times I "hmrrm" XD **Key points:** 1. Uses []( indexer api and ladder api 2. Loads search files from local disk (elastic search JSON queries), examples included 3. Renders search results by HTML5 via WebView (WebKit) 4. Customizable HTML5 renderers 5. Automatic search with sound notification (just like Durian) 6. Widget that can be used to see search status in-game (windowed mode) **Known Issue:** 1. Both online items and offline items are shown making it very hard to see the online ones. However, this can be easily fixed by make small adjustments in the html/js.   **Looking for contributors:** As you'll notice in the screenshot, the viewer of the items is not very good. This is because it's an HTML page written by me. I'm hoping somebody who knows how to write html/css/js can improve on it (or make a new one). **Download:** All-in-one zip file: [](   **Final note:** Bluemarlin is a powerful tool since it allows you to define Elastic Search Queries which means that all kinds of advanced search is possible. My hopes are that we can make a collection of these queries. Queries beyond items search like aggregations (e.g. make pie charts unique items on the market) can also be done because the rendering is done via HTML and not by Bluemarlin. Cheers! --- **Edit:** Added Demo & Overview Video