Hey /r/Dota2, A while back, a few friends and I launched a site called, and [posted it to this sub-Reddit]( You proceeded to give us the hug of death. Since then, we've had an almost constant (minus a few days where we're posted to some huge forums) 1,000-2,000 users pricing their inventories every day, which has been great. We were very happy that people were actually using the tool, but unfortunately didn't give us a platform to create new tools for the community due to the very specific domain name. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thus, we launched []( Dotagon currently has four features: [**Price My Inventory**]( is a tool that works by providing a comprehensive valuation of all of the items in your (or anyone else's) Dota 2 inventory, according to prices pulled regularly from the Steam marketplace. Since, the tool is now able to price anyone's inventory, updates prices far more regularly, and you can now see a history of your inventory value so you track past profits/losses. [**Friendslist Item Search**]( is a tool allows you to search anyone's friends list for an item or all items of a certain rarity (Legacy, Ancient, Genuine, etc.). This is a new tool we recently added to the site. [**Item Pricelist**]( is the list of prices that we base our inventory estimates on--these prices are pulled from the Steam Community Market, and we now store the Auspicious, Genuine, Frozen, and Regular values of the items as separate values. [**Dotagon Cup**]( is a tournament we're hosting from May 3rd to May 7th which features eight of some of the top up-and-coming North American and European teams with a $1,000 USD prize-pool. We're very excited for this tournament. If all goes well, we plan on hosting the Dotagon Cup once every few months. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Essentially, the site will give us a platform to do some of the things we simply couldn't with, which we're really excited about. We have some other cool things in the works, such as a scrim-finder, and a drafting companion. We hope you'll check out the site! And if you're interested in this sort of thing, feel free to [add me to Steam]( down to talk. Edit: Forgot to add we have [Facebook]( and [Twitter](!